Every Actronics product is a specialized custom design; nothing is mass-produced or off-the-shelf; every item is crafted in partnership between the customer and the Actronics engineering team.

Among many applications...

Actronics control actuators have been used in thousands of installations where a mechanical device responds to a temperature and/or pressure signal to produce linear motion.  In the aerospace industry, they operate in, among others, virtually all of the latest fighter aircraft of the USA and many other nations; helicopters; tanks; commercial airliners as well as general aviation aircraft; and the space shuttles.   Among their uses are:

Thermostatic valves
Oil cooler valve controls
Fuel mixing controls
Computer environment controls
Electronic environment controls
Switch actuation
Automatic thermostats
Automatic relief valves
Aircraft cabin temperature controls
Water temperature controls
Sterilizer temperature control

Other applications are limited only by the design engineer's imagination and requirements for a device that offers precision operation, total reliability and long life.

To learn more about how Actronics can satisfy your specific applications needs, send us Your Confidential Data. We will evaluate how best to meet your needs and make appropriate recommendations to you.